My Dad

Last year was a rough one for my family. We started with both parents having health issues. Mom had the will to turn things around and I am delighted to say is still in our lives.

My Dad had been saying for several years he hurt and didn’t think he would be around for Christmas. Last year was the year his prediction came true.

For our family this is the year of difficult firsts – Dad’s birthday without him, Thanksgiving without him, Christmas without him, and soon to be my parent’s 60th anniversary.

1958_Sharon Hitchcock and Jerry Miller

I wrote the following a year ago when I thought we would lose him. We miss you Dad.

Our Dad
A contradiction
Troubled and happy
Son then husband
Young soon aged
Stern yet loving
Loud but quiet
Feared while beloved
Funny although melancholy
Demanding Dad pushover Grandfather
Grizzly bear teddy bear
Strong now weak
Active quickly still
Present then missing
Always here forever gone

©Lori Fogarty



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