Garth Almoran Hitchcock

His nickname was “Red”
His hair color the same
My family search started
Looking for his name
He left this earth
When I was but three
The stories I heard
My Grandma told me
I remembered the town
Where she said he once grew
In Sanborn I inquired
To see what they knew
I found he was born there
To Lena and Charlie
His Mom died in childbirth
For which I was sorry
The siblings divided
Among relatives raised
He excelled in sports
For which he was praised
He lived with a cousin
And also his Nana
After graduation he left
To play football in Indiana
He returned to Iowa
Worked for a five and dime
Then married Genevive
After dating for some time.

©Lori Fogarty

Mary Judge Connor Welch

As I sat on a cliff
Looking out toward the sea
I thought about Mary
And the trip that would be
She was crammed on a boat
With family and strangers
On the voyage to America
Found unexpected dangers
Mary made it to land
Pat died along the way
Even though she was alone
She decided to stay
James made her his wife
And to Iowa they went
For her son back in Ireland
She eventually sent
Two more daughters they had
And a life started new
A brave woman indeed
For all she made it through.

©Lori Fogarty



The History of Me

I’m starting a blog this New Year’s Day 2018 using the genealogical information I have acquired on my family. I also decided to try to publish “something” every day (#52Ancestors) so I can share the information. I’m new to blogging so this will be an evolution I’m sure as I become more proficient.

Welcome to the history of me 🙂